University of Birmingham students declare “I am Spartacus”

Today Birmingham students showed defiance against a repressive university. In response to a student being singled out and disciplined for taking part in an occupation of an unused university building last year, all occupiers have come forward and admitted to taking the same actions as that student. They take this action at a university which [...]

Occupy to Support the Strikes.

On November 23rd students at universities across the country occupied their institutions as part of a day of action called by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. Here we repost an initial statement from the Edinburgh Occupation. We are now occupying Appleton Tower, in support of the UCU strike on Wednesday November 30, against [...]

Students of Birmingham are back in occupation

What has education meant to you? The chance of coming to a university like the University of Birmingham has most likely changed your life. Education is an opportunity to transform yourself to be something you can never otherwise be. This opportunity, to get an  education; to go to a good university is being stolen from [...]

United for #GlobalDemocracy

This statement was written in advance of today’s global day of occupations. It has already been signed by a number of the people’s assembies at various of the occupations, and may be supported by more throughout the day. It was written Ana Sofia Suarez and Shimri Zameret. On 15 October 2011, united in our diversity, [...]

Beyond ninety-nine-percentism: dreaming of actually occupying Wall Street and not being frightened of ‘revolution’

Sophielle writes from New York One notable feature of Occupy Wall Street is its participants’ lack of hesitation in using the term ‘revolution’. Here comes the revolution! This is the first step of the revolution! Get up, get down, the revolution is in this town! You won’t stop our revolution! etcetera, etcetera. Distinguishing from these assertions [...]

“Let All Indignados in all the squares join together”: Beginning From the Beginning

The Occupation of Wall Street is entering into it’s third week and things are heating up. The large Transport Workers Union has pledged it’s support, echoing the much-vaunted ‘Teamsters and Turtles’ (Unions and environmentalists) alliance that helped make Seattle so legendary. Similar movements are spreading around the country (see here and here). The first official [...]

Does the action of the Sparks herald a return to militancy?

Two years ago a wave of militant industrial action swept across the UK. As the global financial crisis unfolded, neo-liberal capitalism seemed to be in crisis, banks were nationalised, and bankers vilified, billions were poured into stimulus packages and for a brief moment it appeared as if an opportunity existed for a reconfiguration of our [...]

Third University Occupation over Fees for RUK Students.

Students from across Scotland have occupied Strathclyde University against cuts and fees. The occupiers released the following statement on their facebook page: The plans that began at the end of last term to run down community education and geography, dismantle sociology and close down music have no democratic mandate and are opposed to the wishes [...]

Students occupy Royal Conservatoire to protest 9k fees

About 30 students from across Scotland are staging a sit-in at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland today (Friday) in protest against the institution’s announcement of 9k fees for RUK (Rest of UK) students. Following on from Edinburgh’s occupation last Friday, the students promise to disrupt management at Scottish universities with an ongoing campaign of targeted [...]

Students occupy against 36k fees

Students from universities across Scotland are staging an occupation of an Edinburgh University lecture theatre in protest against significant increases in fees for ‘Rest of UK’ students. Scottish university students, from Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews occupied the George Square Lecture Theatre at 1pm today (Friday 16th Sep) and will remain in occupation until they [...]

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