BREAKING: Why we plebs occupied Andrew Mitchell’s office on budget day

by Roz Burgin Today, December 5th, George Osborne is to deliver his Autumn Statement outlining further cuts and ‘sacrifices’ to be made in the name of austerity. My friends and I are protesting against this austerity by occupying the office of the only Tory MP in our city – Birmingham. That is the office of [...]

Has Occupy Had an Impact?

by Luke Martell This week was the first birthday of Occupy Wall Street. It returned to Manhattan to mark the occasion. In the UK, occupations kicked off in the student sit-ins of winter 2010. Further afield street protest spread from Spain across Europe to North America. People took to the squares in Arab states. Occupy [...]

Past Occupations: What’s going on with Occupy in the US?

In Madison, Wisconsin, you can’t avoid politics. The graffiti outside the state Capitol Building, the snatches of overheard discussions in the bars, and the commemorative cards at the radical bookstore all relate to one thing: the events that have unfolded since the rebellion of March 2011. Against the backdrop of events in Tunisia and Egypt, [...]

Scott Walker vs Ed Miliband – lessons from Wisconsin

The analogy is obvious. I suppose it isn’t surprising: when an official opposition is visionless, it is the grassroots who lead. But when it comes to elections, it is still the visionless opposition on the ballot. This morning, we woke up to the news that Scott Walker has clung onto his job in Wisconsin. The [...]

Social media and the building of a radical clique

Over Christmas, I danced reels in the Airlie Village Hall with people I’ve known for longer than I can remember. I had my mobile phone in my sporran. After some perhaps over vigorous twirling, I found that the screen had broken. Now I can only see what I am doing with the top glowing inch. [...]

Occupy Belfast create ‘The People’s Bank’

Royal Avenue, Belfast’s main city centre thoroughfare, mixes classic architecture with more obviously new arrivals. On the corner of Royal Avenue and North Street lies a grand, art deco building that used to house a branch of the Bank of Ireland and the (long-gone) Belfast Stock Exchange. Having laid silent and bare for over a [...]

Dick of the Year – Superintendent Nelson Telfer

This nomination comes from two of the Glasgow University occupiers, writing anonymously and in a personal capacity. Superintendent Nelson Telfer of Strathclyde Police is far from the most well known of 2011’s Dick of the Year nominations. Indeed, the height of his fame came on 22 March, when he appeared on STV’s evening news. His [...]

Building to Win: Reaching Beyond the International Anti-Capitalist Elite

I was recently asked to speak about the infrastructure of progressive movements at the Bank of Ideas – part of Occupy London. This is roughly what I said. This piece first appeared in the Occupied Times. I recently had the good fortune to interview Newsnight economics editor Paul Mason at a comedy gig. His message [...]

Bright Green hero: Senator Bernie Sanders

Today we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of an eight-and-a-half hour filibuster by independent, socialist US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

This is what democracy looks like – learning from Latin America

This piece first appeared in this week’s issue of the Occupied Times Stretched across the tent town by the London Stock Exchange is a banner spelling out the slogan of 2011: “Real Democracy Now”. Go to the camp and many participants will tell you that it is not their demands which are key – it [...]

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