An open letter to my bailiffs

To whom it may concern, thank you for your letters requesting £1000. Thank you in particular for the recent letter regarding a “Distress Warrant”. It is a helpful reminder that I was ordered to pay these court costs by the 17th of December 2011 after being found guilty of Aggravated Trespass in Fortnum and Mason during […]

Villa Amalias statement: we are, and we shall remain here.

On Thursday Greek police raided a long-standing squat in Athens, arresting 8 people – who have been charged with felonies relating to the construction of explosives. The squat had been a centre for anti-authoritarian organising and social support and its raid comes at a time of increasing strain in Greece with close collaboration and crossover […]

8 months of police harrasment, finally behind me.

Last week, Sean Farmelo was found not guilty of violent disorder at a student protest in February. Here is his shocking account of what happened: a story of fabricated evidence, police lies and a university trying to silence rather than protect its students. Since the 15th of February, unknown to many of my friends I’ve […]

Tabloids insult dead PCs in pursuit of a back-to-the-50s agenda

Why have the Manchester police officers killed on duty have been mislabelled “WPCs” and had their ability to serve in frontline policing questioned by papers usually keen to stand on ceremony?

Hillsborough: Two oranges

Matt Hanley watched the Hillsborough disaster on TV as a nine-year-old Liverpool fan.

The Real Scandal of Police Sexual Offences

Over the last few days the Guardian has reported that that, in the space of four years, there have been fifty six known cases where a police officer or other employee of the police service in England and Wales has been charged with or disciplined for sexual offences. Fifty six sounds at the same time […]

Private police?: Georgian Policy for the Modern Age

What did you do if you were the victim of a crime in Georgian London? Say, for example, you’d been held up by bandits on the road, or had your house burgled? The answer – private policing. People, if they could afford it, would go to the local ‘thief-taker’ who would track down your brigand, […]

Starmer Drama: DPP’s Today programme announcement shows that the CPS are not even following their bizarre new guidelines

By one of the Fortnum & Mason arrestees These days, I’m all too used to being woken up by the sound of my own voice shouting at the radio. This particular Tuesday morning, I discovered that my semi-conscious yells were being directed at Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), on the Today Programme […]

Death in Custody: Police Shame or ‘Excited Delirium’?

by Joel Sharples Imagine the following scenario: a police officer’s home is broken into by a gang of eleven youths, who chase him into the street and beat him to death while his watching family beg them to stop. There would be national outrage, the perpetrators would face lengthy jail sentences and the Prime Minister […]

Dick of the Year – Lieutenant John Pike

This is the first nomination for Bright Green’s Dick of the Year 2011 competition. To send us your nomination email 200 words to editors @ brightgreenscotland dot org. By Adam Eagleson Lieutenant John Pike of the University of California Davis police department probably isn’t a name that rings a whole lot of bells for most […]

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