Banking on climate change

This is a guest post by Liz Murray, the Head of Campaigns and Policy in Scotland at the World Development Movement. You can follow WDM Scotland on Twitter @wdmscotland. What do you think your annual carbon footprint might be?  The UK average is estimated to be around 8-9 tonnes per person.  But what if you […]

Time to move your money

Clare Coatman Many or most of us make choices based on ethical concerns every day – whether it’s avoiding brands linked to sweat shops or opting for fairtrade coffee; but we don’t always apply this principle to where we bank and therefore what our money is used for. A new campaign is launching today: Move […]

Drenched in Oil – Ulster Bank, RBS and Ethics for the Belfast Festival

What links the suffering of the indigenous Cree Indians of Alberta, Canada, the international arms trade and the President of Belarus to a vibrant cultural event in Belfast, Northern Ireland? The answer is Ulster Bank’s sponsorship of the Belfast Festival at Queen’s; or as it’s now called, the ‘Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s.’  The […]

RBS investing bailout cash in banned cluster munitions

This is a guest post from Tom Shelton of Handicap International UK Taxpayer owned RBS has been identified as one of the main financial institutions – both in the UK and worldwide – continuing to invest billions of dollars in companies producing cluster munitions, despite these weapons being banned under international law, according to a […]

UK Uncut – the support is growing, and diversifying

All across the country today, UK Uncutters took to the high street. This time, our target was banks. This time, we were shouting about the health service. This time, our message was a new one – “restructure the banks, not the NHS” – “It’s the banks that caused this mess, don’t sell off the NHS”. […]

Climate week – brought to you by RBS, EDF, Tesco…

The week after next is climate week. This will be a chance for community groups across the country to celebrate all of the great work being done everywhere on climate change. Or will it? Becuase unfortunately, the warm sheen of satisfaction that people will deservedly feel has been somewhat undermined by the organisers. For some […]

10 things you may not have known about RBS

10 things you may not have known about the bank you own: We own 84% of RBS. They’ll be announcing their profits this week, and UK Uncutters across the country will be sitting in branches to remind everyone who it is that caused this crisis – and who is paying for it. But I thought […]

We remember, Mr Cameron

I was asked to write a post for UKUncut on the new campaign on banks. This was it. “The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting”. Bright Green readers were recently reminded of Milan Kundera’s famous quote. And how apt. Because more than anything else, this government is hoping that we […]

RBS: Oil Bank of Scotland to Green Investment Bank?

As Richard Murphy has already pointed out, the FT has two bank related stories today – one saying that the Treasury hopes RBS will be privitised next year. The other says something that’s been rumour for a while – that the Treasury is opposing moves to make the promised Green Investment Bank a real bank […]

Why I superglued myself to the Royal Bank of Scotland

This article first appeared in The Scotsman on August 31st and is kindly cross-posted at the author’s request. Scotland is a country deeply associated with standing up for the underdog and challenging injustice. This is reflected in steps to become a Fairtrade nation, to build closer links with Malawi, to invest in renewable energy and […]

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