Greens must get better at communicating our support for science

The Green Party is more pro-science than any other party. Party policy commits 1% of GDP to public funding for science research. Whilst Labour, Lib Dems and Tories increasingly demand that researchers demonstrate the immediate commercial viability of their work, Greens argue that we should fund science for its own sake, because discovery is key […]

Another step forward in Green Party science policy

The basic aim of our Science and Technology policy is to encourage and promote research, development and application of science and technology which will: Increase knowledge and understanding Help to understand and address the major environmental threats such as climate change, pollution and biodiversity losses. Contribute to a better quality of life for all the […]

Conference Preview and Highlights

This will be the third Green Party of England and Wales conference I’ve covered for Bright Green, and (I think) the sixth I’ll have attended. It already looks like it might be one of the best (and not just because it showcases both our re-launch and our first live event). So here are a few […]

Green Party of England and Wales Conference Day 1: Science and Inequality

So, first day of conference, not always a lot to report from Thursday, it’s a half day and much of the time is the standing orders committee report but there were a couple of interesting points yesterday. First of all, science. This is one area where, as has been well pointed out, a lot of […]