The Referendum Offers us the Opportunity to Win our Politics Back

This post first appeared on the Radical Independence Campaign’s ‘One Year to Go – Radical Perspectives’ page, which will be updated throughout the day. With one year to go to the referendum, we are in a strange place. On the one hand, there are those who contend that the debate is alienating and boring. On [...]

After 160 years Central Scotland has had enough

The central belt’s fossil-fuel industrialists: James ‘Paraffin’ Young; John (Lord) Browne, BP; Mark Lappin, Dart Energy. When new technology offers us great promise – and the new gas boom certainly does, offering up cheap, clean energy and jobs galore – it’s worth taking time to consider what lessons can we learn from history. Discussing the [...]

Scottish independence would be good for the English left

No Labour government has relied on Scottish MPs to get into power. They have, however, relied on Scottish MPs to get right wing policies through. The former point may be surprising – we are forever hearing that independence will leave the rest of the UK with perpetual Tory governments. But look historically and this simply [...]

Crunch time for big biomass in Scotland

by Oliver Munion The next couple of months will make or break industry hopes for new large-scale biomass projects in Scotland. This month we’re expecting a government announcement of their decision on new subsidies for large biomass power stations, likely to be followed closely by their decisions over Forth Energy’s applications for two large biomass [...]

Veneers of sustainability: the public sector’s collusion in opencasting

Last week another opencast coal story broke across the environment pages of Scottish newspapers. You’d be forgiven for missing it, despite the egregiously appalling nature of the proposal – to entirely drain the beautiful Loch Fitty in order to make way for seven more years of opencast mining at St Ninians – because it seems [...]

Come the Independence, what will we do with the military?

For me, the whole appeal of leaving the union lies in the idea of reimagining the country we want to live in from first principals, in the hope that we would jettison a range of damaging traditions which are only accepted because they are unquestioned and which show their direct lineage to the historical tyrannies [...]

Event: Rich Man’s World? Global crisis and Scotland’s role in fixing it

The world is in crisis. The neoliberal project has, in the last few years, advanced at a faster pace than ever before. In its wake, our working conditions, our education systems, health systems, and the very future of our planet are being washed to one side. But the strength of this attack is matched by [...]

Why I support Scottish independence

I’m a Scot living in Oxford. Every week now I seem to be asked my opinion on Scottish independence. And every time, when I say I support it, this elicits the same response – “don’t leave us”. We all know the arguments: Scotland skews Britain away from the Tories; England, Wales and Northern Ireland will [...]

Time to open a Scottish consulate in Palestine?

One of the main differences between Scottish independence and devo-max is foreign policy. If the SNP are to make the case for independence, then they need to show that the people of Scotland can do better than the FCO. Who do Scots want to represent us on the world stage? Perhaps, just maybe, do we [...]

Success for Campaign Against Letting Agency Fees

The Scottish Government have announced that they will clarify the existing laws against letting agency fees, confirming that the fees which many tenants are forced to pay for referencing, credit checks, inventories, or unspecified admin costs, are in fact illegal. Although the Rents (Scotland) Act 1984 states that landlords and letting agents may not charge [...]

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