Conference shows Scottish Greens are a force to be reckoned with

Last Thursday, the people of Clacton dealt a massive blow to the establishment by voting UKIP and… re-electing their former Tory MP. After having the media spotlight on them for such a long time, receiving massive quantities of money from various wealthy donors, and having a number of public school-educated Tories defect and join their […]

Powers to the People: Maggie Chapman’s Green Party Speech

Good morning conference and welcome. My name is Maggie Chapman. I’m co-convenor of the party and also a Councillor here in Edinburgh. When we last met, a year ago, in Inverness I had the privilege of giving the speech which closed the conference. And it is a great pleasure to open this conference and welcome […]

Energy revolution & devolution: Does Scotland have the power to clean up it’s act?

Almuth Ernsting is Co-Director of Biofuelwatch who campaign against the negative impacts of industrial biofuels and bioenergy. For many years, the Scottish Government has had some of the most ambitious targets for renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions in Europe. The key targets are: a 42% emissions cut by 2020; generating the equivalent of 100% […]

Lord Devo: Robert Smith is a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Lord Robert Smith is heading the Scotland Devolution Commission, which is supposed to achieve a cross-party consensus on the terms of further powers for the Scottish Parliament. Praised for being a “safe pair of hands” by the BBC and as having a “proven track record” by Alex Salmond, this new position adds to Lord Smith’s […]

Is a 2015 Scottish Labour wipe out on the cards?

The support for ‘Yes’ in some Labour heartlands, togther with the recent success of the SNP, Scottish Greens and SSP in attracting new members has created some exited speculation about the 2015 UK Parliament seeing a collapse in Labour’s Scottish representation at Westminster. For example Kevin McKenna argued in today’s Observer that “Ed Miliband will […]

The Queen was not fit to be our Head of State during this debate. But what will we do with the castles?

It’s time to start planning new uses for our Scottish palaces. Buckingham Palace, which, due to the embarrassing state of Britain is somehow still a relevant institution in this day and age, has always maintained that the Queen was neutral and “above politics”. This has been said repeatedly over the last month. We know, of […]

The Scottish left needs to talk about collaboration, not another party

Greens campaigning in Norwich. Image: Norwich Green Party. In the last week, thousands of people have joined the Scottish Green Party and the SSP. Tens of thousands have joined the SNP. If it ever was a good idea to build a new left party in Scotland, then the time to launch it was two weeks […]

A true democracy has no need for a silly slogan like 45%

Let’s not romanticise this lost “Yes” with a slogan like “The 45%”. A Yes No question was always a silly way to settle social issues, it just provided a temporary opportunity much better than anything else going. Independence Yes or No, was a battle picked not by Scottish people but by two centralised neoliberal parties. […]

Devo-Max was a perfect example of rotten Westminster politics

The referendum is over, and the no’s have won. With Cameron and Miliband trying to decide exactly what the no’s have won, now is a good time to very briefly take stock and think a little about what has happened over the last few weeks since that poll that put Yes in front, before ploughing […]

Some thoughts on the independence referendum

With due apologies for the click bait style of this post, being awake for too much of the past 2 days makes coherent blogging difficult! 1. The results sure that it’s material concerns that influenced how people vote. Older and wealthier people voted no in the largest numbers. They suffer least from austerity and the […]

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