Last week’s agreement on oil could lead to war between the Sudans, not avert it

Tim Flatman, writing from Juba, South Sudan The “international community”, a nebulous concept at the best of times, achieved rare unity in its desire for and welcoming of an agreement between South Sudan and Sudan on oil transportation fees, disguising its self-interest by arguing the agreement will stop the two countries from returning to war. […]

Bright Green Salutes South Sudanese Independence

And now for something a little different, a musical salute to South Sudanese independence. Enjoy.

South Sudan Oyee!

By Tim Flatman As of midnight 9th July (10pm 8th July UK time), South Sudan became an independent nation. How should we respond? As far as moments of liberation go, it doesn’t get much bigger than today. The end of apartheid is an appropriate recent comparison. I can’t think of many more, but that might […]

Is there a political solution to halt genocide in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan?

Guest post by Tim Flatman, who has recently returned from South Sudan. Is genocide always an irrational action carried out by a despot who has lost his grasp on reality, or can it be a pragmatic policy exacted to meet the self-interest of a ruling elite? Can it co-exist with rebellion or must the targets of genocide […]