5 reasons to march for Free Education on November 19th

On November 19th, at midday in Central London, thousands of people from across the country will join the march for free education, organised by a coalition of student organisations. Here are 5 reasons why you should get involved: 1. Fees cost us all, not just students. The IFS recently published a report that stated: “The […]

How Do We Stop The Student Loan Book Sell-Off?

  Not content with attacking current and future students, the Coalition government now seek to privatise the student loans book, and thus extend their attack to graduates. This would allow the rates of interest at which graduates repay their loans to be altered from the current 1.5%. For example, the interest rate could more than […]

Advice for Freshers: Think critically

James McAsh, Edinburgh University Students’ Association President, offers some advice to new students in a speech at the beginning of Freshers’ Week. When trying to work out what I should say today, I thought back to what advice I would have wanted four years ago when I was new to the university. And here it […]

1892 And All That

This week, the exclusive Kate Kennedy Club at St Andrews University have announced that from next year they will be accepting membership applications from women. Until now, the Club’s membership has comprised of 35 young men, mainly from very privileged backgrounds, who organise an annual procession, and a ball at the start and end of […]

Student protestor attacked by his own union president

By Simon Furse and Edd Bauer Mark Harrop, the Tory president of the University Of Birmingham Guild Of Students (student union), has Colluded with the University management to try and suppress a peaceful protest. Harrop identified one of his own students for disciplinary action and helped the university in the deployment of an injunction that […]

Policing politics?

This is a slightly longer version of an article which appeared yesterday in Edinburgh University’s Student newspaper. It hopefully has some utility for others who are working towards social change in radical or leftist ways and wondering about engagement with the police therein. The independence of policing and politics is a fundamental principle of democracy. […]

Hey Jude: culture and class from inside a kettle

We had been kettled for 8 hours. In December. It was below freezing and the air was cut with the acrid smoke of burnt bus stop. “We need to make a bigger stink than them” the pyrotechnic had said, gesturing at Parliament. “Yeah, but we’re stuck here, we have to breathe.” He wasn’t popular. To […]

Strathclyde University Occupied

This afternoon student at Strathclyde University in Glasgow occupied the geography and sociology department of their university in opposition to threats of cuts and course closures. The students issued the following statement: On the 27/06/11 Strathclyde University went into occupation over the proposed cuts to four departments; community educacation, geography, music and sociology. These annoucements […]

A 5 Year Plan for the Left in the NUS

In April 2016, the NUS elects a progressive left-wing President and two or three VPs. This is no surprise: there have been a couple of lefty officers for a few years now, and student unions up and down the country are run by progressive sabbaticals. This is a perfectly realistic scenario: if you replace the […]

Reinvigorating the Student Movement

Last Saturday the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) held a ‘reinvigoration conference’ at Birmingham university to debate its future direction and the need for an elected steering committee. For those who don’t know already the NCAFC was founded almost two years ago, but probably came to most people’s attention during the student protests […]

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