Greens and Trades Unionists must work together

This is a guest post by Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, who is hosting an event today on ‘Building our Green economic future’, more details of which can be found here. Jean tweets at @GreenJeanMEP. It has long been argued that the Greens and the trade union movement have little in common: but I […]

Trade Union Votes Against Supporting Abuse Survivors

    Unison, the UK’s largest trade union, has today voted against believing women who report violence or abuse from men within the trade union movement. The union’s national delegate conference was asked to vote on a motion stating that when a female trade unionist reports abuse from a male colleague, Unison should assume that […]

Academics and the defence of their universities

Luke Martell An inspiring Convention for Higher Education in Brighton has made an important step forward, discussing what the public university should be, and investigating the implications of its marketisation. Universities in England have introduced sky-high tuition fees. Inequalities will escalate. Private providers are working their way in, with government support. Competition between universities more […]

This conference could establish the Greens as the party of the left

Josiah Mortimer, University of York Green Party The Green Party of England and Wales’ Spring Conference looks set to be a radical one. In just a couple of weeks’ time – and on the Greens’ 40th ‘birthday’ – hundreds will gather to determine the direction of the party. The votes of these members could help […]

Scott Walker vs Ed Miliband – lessons from Wisconsin

The analogy is obvious. I suppose it isn’t surprising: when an official opposition is visionless, it is the grassroots who lead. But when it comes to elections, it is still the visionless opposition on the ballot. This morning, we woke up to the news that Scott Walker has clung onto his job in Wisconsin. The […]