UK Uncut plan to ‘evict a millionaire’ over Bedroom Tax

Anti-cuts direct action group pledges to “bring the cuts home to millionaire misery makers… millionaires with loads of spare rooms, who are avoiding tax, or politicians or business people who are directly pushing or benefiting from the cuts.”

What does UEA have against protesters?

By Elliot Folan Earlier this month, the University of East Anglia dropped a disciplinary case against two students for taking part in an anti-tax avoidance protest. I was one of those students, and although the case was dropped it was a perfect example of the creeping criminalisation of protest that’s taking place on university campuses […]

An open letter to my bailiffs

To whom it may concern, thank you for your letters requesting £1000. Thank you in particular for the recent letter regarding a “Distress Warrant”. It is a helpful reminder that I was ordered to pay these court costs by the 17th of December 2011 after being found guilty of Aggravated Trespass in Fortnum and Mason during […]

Starbucks Vice President awarded “Prize Mug” following £33m tax ‘dodge’

Starbucks VP Marketing Ian Cranna was yesterday awarded a golden mug ahead of a speech in Birmingham. The “Prize Mug” was awarded for the company’s ‘mugging’ of the UK taxpayer. Starbucks UK was recently revealed to have dodged many millions of pounds of UK tax in the year 2011/12. It has failed to pay any […]

Why I gate crashed the HMRC boss’ dinner

Last week, some friends and I gate crashed a speech from the retired HMRC boss Dave Hartnett at the dinner at a tax dodgers conference. The video of our action went viral yesterday. Here are my thoughts on it. I stood in local elections last year. If I had bought dinner and a drink for […]

Paralympic ceremony performers join disabled activists and UK Uncut to target Atos HQ in London

Today Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and UK Uncut will pile pressure on the controversial Paralympics sponsor Atos. Over 700 hundred protesters from across the UK are expected to descend on Atos’ headquarters in London to confront the company about their controversial Work Capability Assessments (WCA) which are destroying the lives of sick and disabled […]

Scott Walker vs Ed Miliband – lessons from Wisconsin

The analogy is obvious. I suppose it isn’t surprising: when an official opposition is visionless, it is the grassroots who lead. But when it comes to elections, it is still the visionless opposition on the ballot. This morning, we woke up to the news that Scott Walker has clung onto his job in Wisconsin. The […]

The Jubilee is a national sedative; this is a national wake up call

UK Uncut’s alternative street parties celebrate the NHS and the welfare state, but they are more about claiming the future than reclaiming the past.

UK Uncut to hold protest ‘Great British Street Parties’ before the Jubilee and Olympics

UK Uncut, the anti-cuts direct action group, has today announced a new plan of action to start shortly before the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic period. The group, best known for targeting tax dodgers, will hold street parties in major towns and cities across the UK in the run up to the Jubilee and […]

Hundreds join UK Uncut’s Downing Street Dole Queue to tell George Osborne that ‘Austerity Isn’t Working’

Nearly 400 UK Uncut protestors gathered to form a ‘dole queue‘ outside Downing St today to highlight soaring unemployment under the government’s austerity programme. Unemployed people from across London came together with members of the anti-austerity direct action group UK Uncut to recreate the Tories’ iconic 1979 election poster featuring a queue of jobseekers snaking […]

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