Academics and the defence of their universities

Luke Martell An inspiring Convention for Higher Education in Brighton has made an important step forward, discussing what the public university should be, and investigating the implications of its marketisation. Universities in England have introduced sky-high tuition fees. Inequalities will escalate. Private providers are working their way in, with government support. Competition between universities more [...]

Democratising the economy, one university at a time

by Mike Williamson A few salvoes have been fired this week in the ideological battle for democratic and public higher education. Harriet Swain wrote an interesting exploratory article in the Guardian on Monday in which she asked “should students be given the power to decide how universities are run?”, followed quickly by comment pieces by [...]

How our universities were “liberated” & why New Labour’s structural reforms have failed

Having been expelled from all university committees as VPE for a protest against the university’s controversial ban on protests, I have started a series of posts on the university based on its private papers to deliver in pamphlets to the university community. This is the third of these posts, the second & first can be [...]

Deregulation of universities has led to an attack on students and the workforce.

An enormous discrepancy was revealed between the University of Birmingham’s “public narrative” on its finances and the private accounts actually used to run the university. Further it is setting up new streams for revenue in areas commonly thought of as non for profit services, exploiting childcare services amongst others. All this is being done without [...]

Universities are becoming part of an oppressive infrastructure

A worrying trend is taking hold; what started as a trickle is becoming a torrent. A disproportionate attack on student protestors is unsettling not just the student movement, but a wider community accustomed to deeply enshrined political freedoms. This attack has emerged in response to a highly organised, highly politicized movement that is operating well [...]

Education Inc – Universities are entering the fray

GAs the guardian reported, free school applications are open again. An ever more diverse range of groups are entering the fray for what is becoming a market in primary, secondary and further education. Currently free schools are not going to be allowed to be run “for profit”. It is quite obvious however that most of [...]

UCU votes to suspend action over pensions.

Yesterday the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) held a special conference to determine where we go next in our pensions dispute. For those who haven’t been following the intricacies of it all I’ll attempt to briefly lay out where we were going into this meeting. UCU represents academic and what’s known as academic related staff [...]

Why I am taking my university to court.

First year biological science student Sam Weaver is taking the university of Birmingham to court over its widely publicised “ban” on protests, he explains here in his own words what has lead him to take this extraordinary  step. Since starting university last Autumn one thing has really shocked me and that is the draconian measures [...]

University of Birmingham students declare “I am Spartacus”

Today Birmingham students showed defiance against a repressive university. In response to a student being singled out and disciplined for taking part in an occupation of an unused university building last year, all occupiers have come forward and admitted to taking the same actions as that student. They take this action at a university which [...]

Student protestor attacked by his own union president

By Simon Furse and Edd Bauer Mark Harrop, the Tory president of the University Of Birmingham Guild Of Students (student union), has Colluded with the University management to try and suppress a peaceful protest. Harrop identified one of his own students for disciplinary action and helped the university in the deployment of an injunction that [...]

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