UK loses Zimbabwe payment record

By Tim Jones Part of my work at Jubilee Debt Campaign is to find out information about the debts owed to the shadowy Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD) of the UK government. The ECGD backs loans to other countries to be used to buy British-made exports, a process which leads to a lot of debt […]

Cable admits economy is screwed. Where’s his vision?

Vince Cable has finally admitted the extent to which the UK economy is screwed. In an interview with the Guardian, he outlines the fact that we depended far too much on financial services, the scale of global inflation, and the rapidly increasing role of China in setting prices and outcompeting us. Politicians have failed, he […]

Dick of the Year: Vince Cable

This is a submission for the Bright Green Dick of the Year award from Cllr Stuart Clay. You can nominate someone by emailing 200 words to adamramsay ‘at’ before the 31st. Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills He’s upset a lot of people this year, but here’s my nomination…. We […]

On Coalition, Compromise, and Cable

So, Vince Cable has ruffled a few feathers by claiming that the Lib Dems have not gone back on a promise on fees. Given that every simple MP signed a specific pledge to vote agaist a rise in fees, this seems a little odd. His argument, put simply, is that the Lib Dems didn’t win […]

And they called us anti-science

Today Vince Cable continues his attack on science, and academic research more generally, as he announces we must abandon research which is “neither commercially useful nor theoretically outstanding”. Cable will tell us that he favours “ration[ing] research funding by excellence” and that we must “screen out mediocrity”. Which, as William Cullerne Brown points out, is […]

Education is a Public Good – We Should Fund it Publicly

“universities have a unique role. We cannot have an economically dynamic, socially mobile or culturally rich society without strong universities.” So started Vince Cable’s speech today at London South Bank University. It’s a good a start, with which I completely agree. Perhaps HE will be spared the worst of the cuts agenda. “I wonder how […]